Seductive Hairstyles That Steal the Spotlight

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Men and women disagree on many things. This is especially true when it comes to feminine hairstyles. You might think a structured hairdo is incredibly chic. However, there’s a good chance that he’ll just see this as plain weird.

Yes ladies, guys have their female hair preferences too. It’s no longer about the sexy outfit and make up. You can put on a seductive piece from a collection of women’s nightwear and robes . But if you have dull, lifeless locks this’ll be a major turn off.

Make sure to bring your A-game in the hair department. Whether you intend to impress a current beau or catch the eye of that cute bloke across the bar, it pays to know which hairstyles men find sexy.

The Ponytail

Does your male target play sports? Is he fond of the outdoors? If you answered yes to both questions, opt for a low maintenance hairstyle. Loose waves pulled back in a neat ponytail with minimal makeup should do the trick.

Retro Bangs

Picture that look which was popular during the late 60s — a shoulder length style paired with a full fringe. Think of Mary Jane Watson , Spidey’s girlfriend. The hairstyle is feminine that comes with a hint of sophistication.

Messy Bob

Men love the messy bob because it makes a woman look more laidback. It’s as if she doesn’t care if her hair gets tousled by the wind. This style also elongates the neck, making it look more appealing.

Soft Layers

Layers add a bit of interest to plain straight hair. Loose and wavy locks can make a lady look more approachable.

Pixie Cut

Not everyone can pull it off this super short ‘do. But if you have the right face shape and exquisite bone structure, go for it! Men love the confidence and power a pixie cut exudes.

Vivid Hues

Shiny and healthy hair is always an attention grabber. Colour it in a vivid hue and things become more interesting. Engage the services of an expert hairstylist and colourist to get a shade that matches your complexion and brings out your best facial features.

Long and Wild

If you consider yourself a bohemian chic, try long and messy hair. Guys find it more appealing than a short and structured haircut.

Pick a cut that suits your persona and features. Put on that black dressing gown from a beautiful and sexy collection of women’s nightwear and robes, light some candles and give that special man a night to remember.