5 Practical Ways to Look Better in Photos

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Only a few people may qualify to have that enviable trait of being photogenic and they're often called celebrities. However, you need not be one to look good behind the lens. With a little practice, the help of an award-winning mobile hairdresser, and the following tips, you may soon be saying goodbye to bad pictures:

  1. Carry your head with confidence. If you don't want your corporate photographer from Sydney to capture your double chin, make sure that the camera lens is within your eye level or above and try not to look down.
  1. Loosen up before the shutters close. Most people get startled when somebody suddenly takes their pictures, something that often leaves them looking like a deer caught in the headlights in their photos. If you don't wish to look the same way in your corporate photos in Sydney, look away, think of something funny, then come back with a genuine smile just before the shot is taken.
  1. Practice on having a signature smile. Sometimes, showing the widest grin you can ever muster won't give you your sexiest look. In this case, go for a sheepish grin or one that is more mysterious. Look in the mirror and see which one makes you look the most alluring and then practice on making it natural. It also helps that you take a deep breath and exhale with a smile before every shot.
  1. Tame your hair. When you don't want the natural light or the camera's flash to pick up your flyaways, call on a creative stylist and colourist like myself to help you tame those unruly hair before your commercial photo shoot with a competent corporate photographer from Sydney. With my expertise, your frizzy hair smooth can be smoother from roots to ends.
  1. Display your body at an angle. As any pro photographer will tell you, facing the camera straight won't always give you that flattering appeal. This is probably why models and other entertainers often make it a habit to stand at a three-quarter angle (extending a leg in front, doing a bit of a pivot with the other, and have the corresponding hand on the hip). This likely results with you showing a long, diagonal line that gives you that taller and curvier look.

Are you feeling less confident about your upcoming photo shoot? Don't be; with the aid of these tips, you can slowly work on mastering your most flattering angles so you won't have a single bad picture ever again. In addition, you might want to check out this helpful blog on what to wear on your next photo-op session. Also, women’s swimwear by Hive Swimwear can make you more photogenic.