Bridal Hair: Top Tips on Getting the Perfect Hair on Your Wedding

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While your experienced and talented wedding photographer from Newcastle can easily capture those special moments of your most awaited event of your life, he can only go so far without you making an effort to look your most beautiful. To help you get the best locks for your wedding day, here are some pieces of advice to heed:

Prepare Your Hair

A fabulous bridal hairstyle starts with pre-wedding care. Long before you tie the knot, observe some good hair-washing habits to maintain its oil lustre. You can also try some hair colours you are interested in. Consult a nutritionist or do some research online on supplements and the right diet that help you get healthy hair. If you don't have the time to grow your hair, then it is best to have it coloured by a talented hairstylist since he will be able to give you advice on what colour best suits your skin tone.

Get Help

Your wedding is the perfect time for you to shine, so it is best that you hire an experienced hairstylist. It is best to go and see him at least six months beforehand to leave enough time in case you like to grow your locks and discuss about colouring, trimming and conditioning. Moreover, you can arrange to have your hair trimmed at least every six weeks or a few weeks before your big day to neaten your tresses up and get rid of your split ends.

Schedule a Hair Trial

This is the key to ensure that you get the look that you want for your big day. When going for your trial, don't forget to take your veil and any other hair accessories that you plan on wearing. By doing so, your hairstylist can offer you the best advice and suggest the most suitable style that works best with your dress.

When planning your trial, it is best to schedule it days in advance of your photo shoot with your wedding photographer fromNewcastle, and then schedule another appointment in the morning your bridal portrait shoot will take place, so you will also look the most beautiful during such time.

Heed these tips and look stunning on your wedding day!