Attending a Party? Learn the Secrets to Scoring a Wow Look

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Getting ready for a party is never as simple as throwing an outfit together and swiping on lipstick. If you're like most girls, no matter how much prep time you have, you always end up like a chicken running around with its head cut off. But, fret not. With the tips below, you can be party-ready without cramming.

Find an appropriate outfit

Every fête has a certain dress code that guests are expected to follow. Although it can be baffling to navigate those sartorial rules, there are tricks that make deciding what to wear simple . As a general rule, don't pick a dress just because it's en vogue or you've seen it on a celebrity. Choose an outfit because it looks good on you and you feel comfortable in it. It doesn't make sense wearing a designer ensemble that doesn't hang in the right places. Whatever the occasion, your outfit choice ultimately boils down to your body type and your personal sense of style. Of course, you mustn't forget about the accessories, which should include ecigs from Vapeking when you're aiming for that femme fatale appeal. Consider the following resources for fashion inspiration:

Set appointments day before the party

If you're planning to squeeze all preparations on the day of the party, chances are, you'll end up stressed and worn even before it started. To stay relaxed and glamorous up until party time, schedule your hair colour treatment , body scrub or facial at least a day before the event. This way, you will have more time to enjoy a long bath and to do your make-up on the day of the party. Here are other things you might want to tick off your list well in advance:

The office Christmas Party

Why not throw the annual Christmas party in your office and save a little money over the holiday period. Serviced offices in Gordon provide a great setting for a Christmas event for your staff and the money saved can be used as a staff bonus instead.

  • Nail treatment - do more than just having your digits groomed and get funky with some nail art inspiration.

Take plenty of rest

The last thing you want is waking up with panda eyes or a red spot on your forehead. Make sure to hit the sack early and snag at least seven hours of sleep. To avoid cramming when you wake up, make sure you have prepared your outfit and beauty kit before you sleep.

On the day of the event...

Take a refreshing bath

While in the shower, be sure to exfoliate and shave to ensure your skin is smooth all over. If you prefer waxing, do so at least two days prior to the event so the redness will disappear just in time. Don't forget to apply a hydrating moisturiser after bathing to ensure a radiant glow. If you want to wash your hair, use a conditioner or a hair mask to make your locks look gorgeous. Be warned, though, that washing your hair can make it less manageable. So, if you're planning a complex coif, it's a good idea to wash your tresses day before. Also, if you had it styled the day before, you should use a head cap to make retouching easy.

Practise your make-up

Try out different make-up tricks in advance to ensure you can create the desired effect, e.g. smoky eyes or a barely there look. Wear a party look that highlights your best features, but don't go overboard. Make sure your make-up fits in with the essence of your outfit and goes well with your hairstyle. If you wear eyeglasses and they're ruining your look, ditch them and wear lenses from Eye Contacts in Australia.

Of course you will have to ensure your garden is up to scratch if the party is being held outdoors. The professionals at Arborcomm Tree Services are the people to talk to who will get your outside space looking fresh for the festivities ahead.

Once you're done, spray on your favourite scent and put on your best smile!

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