Preparing for Your Engagement Photo Shoot

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One of the main highlights of any wedding is the collection of photos that will serve as keepsakes for the rest of a couple’s married life. Planning a photo shoot can be pretty mind-boggling though. After all, there are just so many things to think about – the weather, the makeup, the poses and so on. You might even be wondering, “How do people even do this?” The answer lies in the following tips.

Hire the right shutterbug

There are lots of people who offer services in both pre-nuptial and wedding photography in Sydney and it’s up to you to pick the perfect one for your needs. To know if a photographer would be a great fit to what you have in mind, take a look at their portfolio. You should be able to view that on their website, or you could just ask for a sample coffee-table book. When you choose the right person or business, you can be sure that you get more than what you will be paying for.

Scout your venue

This is especially important when you want to have the shoot in a forest or any other outdoor area. You have to ensure beforehand that you have enough space to move around. You should pick about 4 to 5 good spots where you can pose comfortably. It would be even better if you can get your photographer to do an ocular inspection of the place too. Sometimes, you might need to ask permission before you can take photos in some places so you’ll want to do your homework on that too.

Plan your look

When you have the budget for it, bring in a specialist to do your hair and makeup. This will help you to look your best in your photos, especially when you’ll be incorporating a few in your invitation design. There is no need to go all out as you can have that during the wedding itself. Getting a touch-up of your hair colour or perm can be enough. It can be a good move to get the stylists to stay with you for the whole day so you can get retouches of your makeup and such. You will also want the men to look their best, contacting a high quality tailor, such as Souster & Hicks, will ensure a classy look. Browse their Suits gallery for inspiration.

Be mindful of the time

Most couples have their photo shoots when the sun is out. However, you have to be aware that there are certain times of the day when the light would be just perfect for the theme you have chosen. For something light and happy, for instance, mid-mornings would be ideal. On the other hand, when you’re aiming for something a bit more dramatic, the sunrise or the sunset can set the appropriate mood for your pictures.

Have an open mind

Sometimes, a few of the poses that you imagined to be superb end up being completely blah in the actual photos. This is when you should give photographers the reins. They are, after all, the experts when it comes to Sydney wedding photography. They would know all too well which angles would be best for capturing the affection between couples. Don’t be afraid to give your input though as any professional shutterbug would love to exchange ideas with their clients.

As you can see, your pre-wedding shoot doesn’t have to be a complicated matter. It can be fairly easy to arrange when you know what needs to be done. Of course, you should remember to have fun with your partner during the whole process as your happiness will surely reflect on your pictures.