A New Way of Surprising Your Girlfriend This Christmas

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Christmas is fast approaching and you still don’t know what to give your girlfriend. This could be a huge pressure on you, but if you are wise enough, you can think of clever ways to make her look and feel special like a classy vintage pocket watch. Another great Christmas gift for a girlfriend that likes to keep active in her free time are yoga tops. Ideal for practicing her yoga poses but are equally comfortable and fashionable so can be worn for any activity. Even if she doesn’t tell you, she does want you to treat her like a princess. And if you’ve wanted to show her how special she is, givie her a head-to-toe surprise this season!

  1. A hair treatment
  2. Be it a re-style, perm, colour or highlight, you can treat her to a wonderful new do. Why wouldn’t your woman love it? She does spend a huge amount of time in the salon, right? This time, take the initiative to take her there. Make sure you call up the beautician to make an appointment ahead of time to ensure availability on the day of your surprise.

  3. A new pair of earrings
  4. Quirky, romantic, gothic, hipster or whatever you would describe your girlfriend; just know her style to choose the right kind of jewellery. This is a nice test on how well you know her. If you want to go classic, choose among different pocket watches for women. This will definitely look elegant on her.

  5. A Persian Cat
  6. The gift of a pet is probably one of the most special gifts to give a girlfriend and there's simply no better time to make this gesture than at Christmas. Don't forget to purchase Persian cat insurance so your new glamorous friend is cared for in any unfortunate situation.

  7. A diamond peel
  8. This may not be common in your vocabulary, but it doesn’t matter if your lady wants this treatment as long as you make an effort. A diamond peel treatment is a procedure that takes off dead skin cells in the face. It helps in exfoliating the skin for a fresher and healthier face. So, are you still wondering why your girlfriend spends so much time in the salon?

  9. A nice dress
  10. How do you like to invite her to a dinner date? Give her a cocktail dress with a long stem of red rose. This may need some advice from her best friend or her mother. But really, you can directly go modern or classy with a little black dress. This is the typical dress for generations and it never dies out in fashion. Buy one of the pocket watches for sale to complement her look.

  11. A back massage
  12. When it’s not about makeup and dressing up, your girl will want to get a nice massage. Yes, it is part of a routine, and it probably is your thing too. Good thing you can buy a gift certificate for two from her favourite spa. This would mean the both of you can benefit from it.

  13. A pair of shoes
  14. To complete the head-to-toe surprise, give her a new pair of stilettos if she has a fetish for heels. Give her sneakers if she loves something casual or give her a new pair of sports shoes if she plays a certain sport.

This is a challenge to all the boys. Would you dare give your beloved a head-to-toe surprise this Christmas?