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How Digital Printing Can Help your Business Grow

Whatever industry you are in, advertising and branding are essential components to successful trading, and the latest generation of digital printers can apply your message onto a range of composite materials. If you are in the food and beverage sector, for example, serviettes, mats, and other items can be cleverly... read more!

3 Common Mistakes That Can Stop You from Aging Gracefully

Everyone wants to keep their skin and hair in top condition. However, just like other things in life, you can’t easily have your way. Flawless skin and shiny hair takes a lot of work. There are several things you must maintain and even more you should avoid... read more!

Attending a Party? Learn the Secrets to Scoring a Wow Look

Getting ready for a party is never as simple as throwing an outfit together and swiping on lipstick. If you're like most girls, no matter how much prep time you have, you always end up like a chicken running around with its head cut off. But, fret not... read more!

Preparing for Your Engagement Photo Shoot

One of the main highlights of any wedding is the collection of photos that will serve as keepsakes for the rest of a couple’s married life. Planning a photo shoot can be pretty mind-boggling though. After all, there are just so many things to think about – the weather... read more!

Hair Hassles: 3 Mistakes That Can Damage Your Crowning Glory

Like many women, you most likely consider your hair as one of the important parts of your body. After all, it helps you complete your overall outfit and create the look you want. It also gives your self-confidence a boost and makes you feel more beautiful and attractive... read more!

How to Cut a Fine Figure Whilst Enjoying the Delights of an Australian Self-Drive Break

Naturally, when people go on holiday, they will want everything to be ‘just so’ and this includes, in more cases than not, their personal appearance. Yes indeed, for many, looking good on holiday is something of an essential requirement and in order to look good, not having a hair out... read more!

Hair Care: The Only Five Things to Do to Score Gorgeous Locks

Hair is deemed as a woman's crowning glory, and for good reason. As simple as getting your hair cut can dramatically change how you look and feel about yourself. This is why it's so important for women to have healthy, gorgeous-looking hair. The bad news is there are a lot... read more!

Feel Better after Knee Surgery with a New Haircut

When faced with surgery or some other form of long-term hospitalisation, not too many people think about their looks. It is precisely for this reason that treating yourself to a new haircut or perm can be a fantastic way to reward yourself during your recovery. While this might seem trivial... read more!

5 Practical Ways to Look Better in Photos

Only a few people may qualify to have that enviable trait of being photogenic and they're often called celebrities. However, you need not be one to look good behind the lens. With a little practice, the help of an award-winning mobile hairdresser, and the following tips, you may soon be... read more!

Bridal Beauty Tricks to Steal to Look Gorgeous in All Your Wedding Photos

Every day is Valentine's Day when you’re planning your own wedding. It felt like love is always in the air as you choose your bridal gown or go to a salon for a hair and make-up trial. You just couldn't wait to say your vows to the man you love... read more!

Hire a Mobile Hairdresser for Unparalleled Convenience

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide which products or companies you should support. No matter where you shop, whether it’s a discount chemist in your neighbourhood or a major clothing retailer in the heart of the city selling a cycling jersey, you have to pay attention to details when... read more!

Let the Experts Take Care of Your Hair

There’s no need to go to an expensive hair salon when professional mobile hairdressers can visit your home. Recommended award winning hair stylists and colourists have many years of experience in providing an affordable top quality salon service at the homes of their clients. Having your hair done at home... read more!

Basic Information About the City of Bristol

Bristol is a ceremonial county, unitary authority area and city in the region of South West England. With a population of more than 400,000 in the unitary authority and 1.07 million residents in the surrounding larger urban zone, it is the sixth most populous city in England... read more!

Brunel One – Bristol's Leading Printing Company

In Bristol, Brunel One is one of the leading printing specialists. Its excellence in commercial print is evident in the wide range of solutions it offers to businesses that are searching for top-notch stationeries, business cards, greeting cards and other marketing essentials. Many businesses across the UK choose Brunel One... read more!

3 Options to Having That Perfect Hairstyle and Colour

When it comes to feeling gorgeous, women have different approach on how to achieve the look they want. Others never leave their homes without a makeup on while others exude confidence with just wearing a lipstick. But if there is a part of a woman that can either make or... read more!

Common Beauty Problems and the Possible Health Concerns behind Them

On certain occasions, you'll feel bad that your hair isn't as lush and shining as when a trusted pro hairdresser treated them. Other times, you may feel bothered by the sudden appearance of zits and flaky skin patches on your face. Despite these eyesores, many of us simply shrug them... read more!

DIY vs. Pro: Knowing When to Choose One over the Other

According to the Social Issues Research Centre, there are two great British obsessions — Tea and DIY. If you have the option not to DIY, you should take it. You see, while doing stuff on your own and succeeding gives you a sense of fulfilment, some DIY mistakes can be... read more!

Bridal Hair: Top Tips on Getting the Perfect Hair on Your Wedding

While your experienced and talented wedding photographer from Newcastle can easily capture those special moments of your most awaited event of your life, he can only go so far without you making an effort to look your most beautiful. To help you get the best locks for your wedding day... read more!

Quick Tips on Taking Care of Yourself to Look Stunning All the Time

Taking care of one's self is an important thing not just for health reasons but also for the maintenance of one's beauty. You don't have to be a fitness fanatic who gets on their bike everyday; donning their favourite cycling jerseys to keep in shape, and you don't have to... read more!

Health and Beauty Tips Every Bride-to-be Should Heed

You are getting married in a few months and have been busy talking to different providers. You're done with food tasting, choosing the venue, and hiring a wedding photographer in Sydney. Almost all the wedding essentials have been taken care of. How about you... read more!

The Perfect Bridal Beauty Guide to a Beautiful You

We often ask ourselves how those brides get that certain glow on their wedding day. Is it because of the happiness they feel inside? Most probably yes, but it can also be caused by some rigorous time they spent on their beauty regimen right after they said yes to their... read more!

Why it Pays to Entrust Oneself into the Capable Hands of Fashion Experts

Clothes, we all wear them and regardless of whether we like it or not, the clothes that we wear say an awful lot about us as people. Without any shadow of a doubt, we live in an age where first impressions count and one thing’s for sure... read more!

Wedding Planning Made Easy: A Couple's Guide to Wedding Preparations

Planning for a wedding can be overwhelming for most brides and grooms. Aside from having to decide on the venue, guest list, theme, entourage and other wedding ceremony and reception details, they also have some personal responsibilities to fulfil for the special event. They have to make sure they look... read more!

Seductive Hairstyles That Steal the Spotlight

Men and women disagree on many things. This is especially true when it comes to feminine hairstyles. You might think a structured hairdo is incredibly chic. However, there’s a good chance that he’ll just see this as plain weird... read more!

A New Way of Surprising Your Girlfriend This Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and you still don’t know what to give your girlfriend. This could be a huge pressure on you, but if you are wise enough, you can think of clever ways to make her look and feel special like a classy vintage pocket watch... read more!