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Great hair, great chat, in the calmness and comfort of your own home!

I guarantee a friendly and affordable top quality salon service to you at home, where I can bring my knowledge and skill set to the table to benefit you, not to show off. I will work with you to achieve a look that is perfectly suited to you and your lifestyle.

I have a huge passion for hair, but the most amazing part of my job is you! the people that I meet everyday, the faces that light up after each service, and the friends I make along the way. I’ve been trained by some of the very best hairdressers, who have both inspired and directed me into a becoming a ‘stand-out’ hairdresser. After gaining my initial Level 2 and 3 Qualifications in Hairdressing, I then began further eductation with L’Oréal & Wella where I gained a great deal of knowledge and skills through colour degrees and various high end tailored hair courses. I continued on to gain my City & Guilds Barbering. I now carry on developing my skills by attending regular hairdressing courses.

Having a Mobile Hairdresser come to you offers you more flexibility, and can offer much cheaper rates than many hair salons.
It’s your home, your rules, you set the mood!

You don’t have to worry about getting a baby sitter or someone to look after your pets.

Salons are renowned for being prestigious and the extra bit of luxury but i’ve heard many bad stories.
I have heard about one lady who had to pay an £80 parking fine while she was having her hair done, this was due to the 2 hour limit on parking near the salon, but no-one can respectfully get a full head colour and cut in that time. I’ve also heard of someone having to sit by the entrance door waiting for colour to develop and to make matters worse, there was a constant draft as the salon ran out of chairs. You expect salons to offer something relaxing, an experience or a ‘treat’ but this is rarely the case and clients are often left paying over the odds and very much underwhelmed.

With me, you can rest assured it will be much less hassle, more affordable and relaxed because it’s your home and there is no rush or pressured environment. It’s easy to book, you can even send me a text to book an appointment if you prefer not to call. You know you are only ever going to get me, rather than be passed to someone who hasn’t done your hair before and by that time you may have no choice. It’s more personal, more economical and you will have no parking or travel issues. One to one – you will have 100% of my attention.


Here’s a few common questions. If anything you want to know isn’t listed please don’t be afraid to ask.

What do I need to supply before you come over to do my hair? All I will need is a couple of chairs and a table, there is no need to set up a mirror if you don’t want to. I will supply gown and hairdryer. If you require towels and shampoo and conditioner please let me know but most people prefer to use their own.

How long does each service take?

Below i’ve outlined average service times. (Please allow between 20 and 45 mins for colour development)
Cut and Blowdry – 45 Mins
Full Head Highlights – 1Hr
Half head – 45 Mins
1/4 Head/Semi/All over/Mens Cut – 35 Mins
Hair Up – 1 Hr and 15 Mins.

What shampoos, conditioners and other hair products do you recommend?


Which room is best for the service?

Usually a kitchen as it has a work top, sockets, and usually a hard floor surface so hair can be swept.

What happens when you need to rinse the colour/wash hair?

CLients will find it very easy to remove colour, using a standard shower head over a bath or a sink. My assistance may be required.

Do I need to wash my hair before you come over?

For Cuts: please wash as close as possible before the cut, please shampoo and condition hair as normal.
For Colours: leave dry/unwashed for me, thank you.

What hours do you work, for example do you work evenings?

I am able to most days, any time between 6am and 9pm.

Do I cut Men’s hair?

Yes I do, I am a Qualified Barber and prices start from £20 per Gent or £15 if you come to me.

Do you work in a salon aswell?

Not anymore. I took on alot of clients while I was still working in a salon and it took off to the point where I had to choose one or the other so I decided to become independent.

What made you decide to become a hairdresser?

I’ve always been creative and artistic. Hairdressing is a way to express myself, and I really enjoy it. When someone loves their hair after i’ve put my heart into it, it’s priceless.

Do you cut childrens hair?
Yes, if booked with another service (can be another kids cut) prices given on an individual basis.

How much notice do I need to give for booking?

As much notice as possible, i’d suggest 2 weeks at least but I will welcome any short notice enquiry as I sometimes get cancellations.

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